Wedding Ceremony Music


“All You Need is Love” surprise wedding recessional,
inspired by the movie “Love Actually.”

Innovative and Artistic Music for Your Special Day

It’s your wedding day! Imagine the moment…you are entering your ceremony, surrounded by family and friends, beautiful flowers, and the sounds of the most glorious music ever!

We are honored to perform at your wedding ceremony. Cagen Music is respected for providing the highest quality, innovative and artistic ceremony music. From a soloist to a chamber orchestra, we feature combinations of strings, winds and brass to create a truly unforgettable sound!

We know that choosing ceremony music can be bewildering for the bride and groom and their family. With our considerable expertise, we will help you choose the perfect combination of performers for your style and budget. At your consultation, we will discuss the overall style of your wedding ceremony – be it elegant, sophisticated, regal or relaxed. We will make recommendations, not only of the best combination of instruments, but also how to integrate them into the rest of your music plans – including cocktail and dinner music.

We have performed music for weddings of all faiths and denominations, at hundreds of churches, synagogues, hotels and private clubs throughout the Chicago area. With impeccable attention to detail, we will coordinate as needed with your wedding staff and clergy. We create custom music books for each musician to insure the music flows seamlessly.

These are some of the many ways we bring your dreams to reality. Can’t wait to see you walk down the aisle!


Wedding Ceremony Music Options

Soloists: Simple and elegant for the intimate ceremony. Choose piano, guitar or harp.

Duos: So stylish! Bring versatility to your ceremony by adding flute, violin or trumpet to the soloist.

Trios: The addition of one more performer to the duo will provide variety and an exquisite, richer sound. The most popular combinations are:

  • piano, flute and violin
  • piano, trumpet and violin
  • guitar, flute and cello
  • guitar, violin and cello
  • violin, viola and cello

Quartet: Classic and graceful! The traditional String Quartet is two violins, viola and cello. The regal brass quartet is two trumpets, horn and trombone. A dazzling “mixed” quartet” is piano, flute, violin, and cello or trumpet.

Quintets: String Quartet & Trumpet is a sensational choice for classic wedding music. The majestic brass quintet is two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba. We also recommend the versatile ensemble of piano, flute and 3 violins.

The Cagen Chamber Orchestra: For the ultimate gorgeous, lush, and dramatic sound! The instrumentation includes 4 to 6 violins, 2 violas, 2 celli, bass, oboe, flute, trumpet, piano and optional percussion. Create the ceremony that your guests will never forget!

Vocalists can be added to many of the above choices.
Keyboard can be substituted for piano.