About Cagen Music

Don & Becky Cagen

Don & Becky Cagen

“About Us” is really “About You”.

Because “about us” is contrary to how we have run our business for over 25 years.

At Cagen Music, our success is based on making your dreams come true. Exceeding your expectations. Building your trust. Making your job easier. Celebrating your happiest days. What an honor this is!

It is our intention to be the polar opposite of marketing and hype. We prefer to let the quality of our music and service speak for itself. Our business continues to grow organically, with each new client leading us to a dozen more.

After all, why toot your own horn when your clients do it for you?

What a fabulous “job” we have — going to parties, rockin’ out, and sharing music, joy, and laughter.

We look forward to making beautiful music together.

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