Cocktail Music for Your Wedding Reception

Caribbean Trio, Lake Forest Academy

Caribbean Trio, Lake Forest Academy

Congratulations! Your wedding ceremony is over, it is time to exhale, and get the party started!

Our cocktail music will greet your guests and establish the ambience you desire, at the perfect volume level.

While our ceremony musicians can also play your cocktail reception, changing styles of music to create an upbeat party mood, many of our clients prefer to have a completely different instrumentation for the cocktail party. This can sometimes be logistically best, and will also provide the most musical contrast.

Cocktail music can be jazz, Sinatra, latin, classical, or rock and pop, such as instrumental arrangements of Beatles, Sting, Stevie Wonder and Coldplay. Or even a chic mix of all of these!

We will make recommendations of the best combinations of instruments based on your desired atmosphere and the acoustics of your venue.

So relax, have a cocktail, and enjoy your reception!


Sensational Cocktail Music Combinations:

Solo Piano or Guitar

Duos: Piano plus Sax or Violin. Guitar plus Sax or Violin

Jazz Trios of Piano, Sax and Bass

Three Violins and Piano, optional Bass


String Trio or Quartet

 “Goodvibes”: Vibraphone, Clarinet, Guitar, optional Bass and Percussion

“Blue Skies” Manhattan Transfer style Vocal Quartet, a cappella, or accompanied by piano or jazz trio

Caribbean Trio: Steel Drums, Keyboard and Percussion

Klezmer Style: combinations of Fiddle, Clarinet, Trumpet, Piano, Bass

Brazilian Ensembles: Guitar, Flute, Percussion

Blues Quartet

Latin / Salsa Band

Mariachi Band

Keyboard can be substituted for Piano in all groups.