The Inaugural Ball: Remembering our adventure of a lifetime!

Don & Becky Cagen meeting the President

I pride myself on being fully present and “living in the moment”. But this week I am finding my practice increasingly difficult to achieve. So I am taking solace in the lyrics of one of my favorite songs: “(Let’s go) Living in the Past” and choose to remember our adventure of a lifetime – performing at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball.

What a difference eight years makes! Eight years ago this week, our country was anticipating the most historic inauguration since George Washington’s in 1788. It was an exciting time filled with hope and dreams of limitless opportunities. President-elect Obama was admired and adored across the country, with an 80% approval rating, and a record breaking crowd was on their way to Washington D.C. to witness his inauguration.

Don & I were also on our way to Washington as our band, “The Don Cagen Orchestra” had the distinct honor of being chosen to perform at President Obama’s Inaugural Ball! This was the most important performance of our career and the ten days that led up to it were the best days of our lives.

Becky and Don posing for the Paparazzi

I describe those days in Washington D.C. like being at Woodstock, but without the drugs! There was an overabundance of happiness and love in the air. Absolutely everyone there, people of all races and from all walks of life were hugging each other in the streets and crying tears of joy. The energy was phenomenal and I doubt I will ever experience anything like it again.obamas-l

As one reporter said while he was interviewing us, “everything President-elect Obama touches this week is magic and you are a part of his magic dust”. Honestly, that was exactly our experience. It was a magical time, truly a surreal time, and a time that will live in our memories forever. We are very grateful to have been a part of this historic event and even more grateful to have our memoires to comfort us during this time of uncertainty. After all, it is the end of the world as we know it!


You can read about our inaugural adventure, and view complete photo galleries on our website:

Don Cagen Orchestra performs at The Presidential Inaugural Ball.

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The Soul of Success Vol. 2 featuring Becky Cagen and Jack Canfield

Thanks for the memories!
Becky Cagen