Cutting Edge Corporate Event Entertainment for Cocktail Parties,
Receptions and Award Presentations

UltraSound features Don Cagen performing on the "wind-synthesizer", trumpet and flugelhorn. The wind–synthesizer is unique in its versatility and its expressivity. It can sound like a traditional acoustic instrument such as saxophone, flute, cello or violin – but can also sound entirely new. Don utilizes his breath to shape each note, so even the most exotic sounds have a warm, touching, human quality.

Simply put, UltraSound is the marriage of technology and human expression!

The music styles vary from smooth & classic jazz, pop, classic rock, lounge, and EDM to classical, global, and holiday.

UltraSound provides the corporate event planner a trendsetting and modern alternative to the DJ, pianist or jazz trio.

This combination of familiar and unusual instruments give your guests something fascinating to watch and exciting to hear! The volume level is easily adjusted with the turn of a knob – down for background music, or up for awards ceremonies and lively receptions.  The musicians can even be placed throughout an event space and play coordinated together through the latest technology.

UltraSound is available as a solo and an ensemble:

• UltraSound Solo: DJ + Live instruments all in one performer.

• Ultrasound Ensemble: two to five musicians, adding electronic keyboards, digital and acoustic percussion, electric guitar and electric bass.