High-Energy DJs for Chicago Events

Tasteful and hip. No cheese. High‑energy music mixes blended with our 25 years of event planning experience.

Live dance band + onstage DJ: Integrate our DJ with your Cagen Music band. The DJ will reinforce the dance grooves and mixes to add a modern club vibe.

Live background music + DJ for dancing: Cagen Music creates the perfect package of live and DJ entertainment. The finest musicians set the ideal ambience for your ceremony, cocktails and dinner, and then our DJ provides a high-energy dance party.

After-Parties: Our DJs will keep the party going for your late night after-party. Create an incredible lounge or dance club. Independent DJ's often duplicate songs the band had just played, but by hiring your DJ from Cagen Music, your music will be coordinated so that each set is unique and songs are not repeated.

Full event entertainment: Each client receives our renowned expert customer service and consultation. Our DJ's are fully trained by our veteran bandleaders to coordinate all of the details the night of your event and seamlessly serve as MC's.

Corporate and Fashion Events: Sophisticated DJ's with optional live musicians. Global atmospheres, ambient, techno, lounge, acid jazz, smooth jazz, funk, hip-hop. The performers can even be placed throughout an event space and play coordinated together through the latest technology.